Always that little bit extra!

  • Keeping Books of Received and Issued Invoices

  • Company registration

  • Business plan development

  • Tax and legal consulting

  • Forensic accounting

  • Courier services

  • Keeping tax records

  • General ledger

  • Fixed assets register

  • Subledger account recording

  • VAT calculation and preparation of forms

  • Payroll accounting, pay slips and preparation of forms for wages and earnings

  • Temporary services contract accounting

  • Leasing accounting and preparation of forms

  • Preparation of payment orders for e-banking

  • Loan agreements and contracts

  • Statutory annual reports

  • Preparation of bank loan documentation

  • Information about legal obligations and tax breaks/exemptions related to various business aspects

  • Different types of employment contracts, employment agreements and documentation

  • Registration and deregistration of employees with the relevant pension and health insurance authorities

  • Representation before the Serbian Tax Administration and other relevant authorities


We know what is expected of you and the amount of obligations you face every day – but we also know how to help you focus on business development, instead of reports and paperwork.


We have the answers to all your questions and we will do everything necessary to offer solutions for any challenges that might come your way – without delays!


We have diverse experience in bookkeeping for various industries and different types of companies.


Apart from the services we provide, we also offer membership in our Euroracunovodstvo Business Club, which allows you entrance to free seminars.

We have various START-UP packages on offer, that make company registration easier and provide all the necessary information and our full support.

In order to provide our clients with full security, besides business and legal consulting, we can also offer tax consulting. You can count on sound, reliable advice always.

Our courier services are here to save you time usually wasted on submitting forms or documents. You can take advantage of this service on a monthly basis or when you need it.

For members of the Business Club, we offer FREE SEMINARS on current topics in areas relevant to doing successful business for new companies, as well as accounting, legislations, etc.

What can we do for you?

Every start is easier with the right support.
You can always rely on us if anything is unclear.
We can help you start your business.
We cooperate with a large number of financial experts.
We can provide complete and all-encompassing support.
We work with companies from different industries.
We cooperate with a large number of legal experts.
We can help you with job classification.
We can organise your IT systems and provide related advice.
We use our knowledge and experience to save you money.

Modern software

We use modern software solutions for our bookkeeping services: Pantheon, Lidder and Wings are some of the well-known tools, and their purpose is to provide high-quality, efficient accounting services.

Are you ready to raise your business to the next level?

We’ve got your back!